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New Firearms

We specialize in Ruger firearms, especially the New Vaquero, Single Six, Black Hawk and Bisley Vaquero. We stock and sell new and hard to find pre-owned revolvers built for Cowboy Action Shooting as well as just for fun!

I can build you a pair of guns and ship them to a FFL gun shop in your state near you so that once you open the box and take them out you are ready to start enjoying the benifets of custom-tuned revolvers right away. Whenever possible, i will try to get you consecutive serial handguns if you like at no extra cost. I can build custom hand guns with different hammers for both two-handed as well as one-handed (Duelest & Gunfighter) shooting styles with all being legal for SASS Cowboy Action Shooting.

The New Ruger Vaquero is one of the most popular and strongest single action handguns for Cowboy Action Shooting you can own. All internal springs are of coil design that help keep them running smooth even after years of use.

Ruger New Vaquero in blued and case-colored. The blue and case color model looks traditional and in time will fade a bit resulting in that classic cowboy look, but also tends to require a bit more care.

Ruger New Vaquero in Stainless Steel.The stainless model is a great choice for those cowboys and cowgirls that are looking for a bit more flash with the added benefits of less care. Even after years of use they will look like the day you took them out of the box. In Full Race trim the cylinders, ejector rod and rod housing can all be beveled and polished to aid in holstering and transitions. If you like something a bit different than the next cowboy or cowgirl, then the frames can be dressed up with jeweling to give you that flashy look. It is "very hot"!

Whether you chose the new or old school look, the Ruger Vaquero is one of the best choices for CAS after I have 'tuned' them.

Ruger Montado The Ruger Montado is just what the Cowboy Mounted Shooters need. I can tune it and make it a lot smoother and easier to shoot so you can concentrate on the horse. Does the term "smooth as butter" bring any images to mind when cocking and shooting on the run?

I can also get you pretty much any other firearm you want whether for Cowboy Action Shooting or one of the more modern shooting events.

You need to try one of my S&W M&P Pro series 9mm that I have worked on!

Don't forget that you need a good lever action rifle and shotgun to compete in CAS! I'm your one-stop shopping center for "slicked-up and tuned" CAS pistols, rifle and shotguns.

New Ruger Bisles in Stock in 4 5/8 We've got plenty of New Ruger Bisley's in stock in 4 5/8" and 5 1/2" barrels.

AnimationTry your reaction times with this neat game: Click here.

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